When Cryptocurrencies Crash: What You Need to Know

Cryptocurrency prices crashed on Thursday, with one bitcoin falling nearly 50% in the span of a few hours.

The crypto-currency has dropped more than 80% in value since the start of the year.

The collapse comes amid ongoing efforts by regulators around the world to clamp down on illegal and unethical activity in cryptocurrency exchanges, which can make it difficult for users to safely withdraw their funds.

The currency is also widely used as a way to trade other currencies, like the US dollar, for physical goods.

The rise in cryptocurrency prices was caused by two factors.

First, many exchanges are closing, and second, people are beginning to buy and sell the digital currency more quickly than before.

The recent drop in the value of the cryptocurrency is attributed to a number of factors, according to CoinMarketCap.com.

First off, there are fewer users and more demand for the digital money.

Second, there has been a rise in trading volume for the cryptocurrency.

People are trading more frequently in a market that has traditionally been dominated by one-off purchases.

It’s worth noting that while the digital currencies’ value has declined, their market cap is not.

It stands at more than $1.6 trillion.

It is possible that some people are buying the digital coins at inflated prices.

Some people are selling the digital goods on exchanges to make money.

And there are those who are trying to cash in on the price drop, by using their digital currencies as collateral.

The price of a bitcoin is currently around $2,500.

The price of ether, a cryptocurrency that is used to pay for goods and services, is around $1,000.

But these are volatile prices, so it’s important to keep an eye on the digital market.

Read more about cryptocurrencies:What you need to know about bitcoinThe digital currency is a decentralized currency that uses cryptographic technology to keep track of transactions.

It works by creating a cryptographic token, which is a string of numbers that can be repeated and then linked to a payment.

It is used for payments such as buying goods and paying for services.

The cryptocurrency was created in 2009 by a group of developers working in the anonymous online forum “Bitcointalk.”

Bitcoin was created from the ideas of bitcoin, a decentralized digital currency, and Ethereum, an online software platform that allows for the exchange of digital assets.