What is a ‘coup d’état’? Scholars and scholars are asking why the CIA and the FBI killed the president of Chile

SANTA MONICA, CA — An international panel of experts on Thursday said it is not clear whether a coup d’etat staged by Chilean military junta members was a coup attempt or not.

The experts, including Chile’s former president Sebastián Piñera, said they had been investigating whether the military coup was carried out by junta supporters who were seeking to remove former President Sebastião Piñeras presidency.

After the coup was declared, Piñero’s government, with the support of Chile’s National Liberation Front (ELN), took over the country.

Piñero was ousted in a coup in December 2017 after months of unrest.

The military launched a brutal crackdown on dissent.

In the days following the coup, the U.S. State Department said it was concerned about the security of the Chilean people and the United States.

“The United States strongly condemns any attempt to overthrow the democratically elected Chilean government,” the State Department wrote in a statement.

As the U!


and Chile continue to work together to address the crisis in Chile, the Department is closely monitoring developments in Chile and the region, including the situation in Venezuela and Argentina,” the statement said.

On Thursday, Piña’s government also took aim at the U, saying it was a threat to the security and sovereignty of Chile.”

In order to prevent any attempt by the United Sates and its allies to interfere in Chile’s internal affairs, the government has adopted measures to counter threats to the national security and the sovereignty of the state,” Piñara said.”

We do not believe the UnitedSates actions threaten Chile’s national security.

The people of Chile have not accepted a military coup, and it is clear the coup détat is the result of the U’s political machinations,” Piña said in a televised speech.

Puerto Rican President Sergio Rosselló said he was aware of the accusations.”

It’s not a coincidence that the U-S.

“This is a dangerous situation,” Rosseló said. “

I am very aware of this and that’s why we are asking for the full truth from all parties.”

“This is a dangerous situation,” Rosseló said.

“It’s a very serious situation.

And it needs to be stopped.

I have been very clear in my message to the U of S. and the U.-S.

allies that we are not going to allow any coup.”

The United Nations General Assembly has already passed a resolution calling for the immediate release of all political prisoners, and the White House has called for the lifting of international travel restrictions on Chile.


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