A look at the top 10 most influential scholars in the world

The world is full of academics who are beloved by their peers, but they are also revered by the public.

Scholars who are admired by their colleagues are often criticized for their ideological or religious views, but when it comes to public acclaim, the “most influential” of them all is actually not the most influential of all, but rather the most famous among them.

The world’s top ten most influential researchers in the sciences, humanities, and social sciences were compiled by the prestigious journal Nature in a study that analyzed the top 100 most influential papers published in 2016.

The study was the first to examine the most popular titles in each field in the same year.

The top ten list includes six Nobel laureates, including the winners of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1955, and four other Nobel laureate laureates (including Isaac Newton), but not all of them appear in the list.

The study included a list of all the major awards in science, but it also included several lesser-known titles, such as the Fields Medal for Literature in the U.S. and the Fields Medals for Chemistry, Biology, and Physics in Canada.

Among the top ten titles, the Fields Award for Chemistry and Physics garnered the most recognition in the study, but only one of the two Fields Medals (Chemistry) was given out.

The Fields Medal awarded to Thomas P. Szasz for his groundbreaking research on the structure and function of DNA, was awarded to the Ulf E. Johansson Award for Physiology and Medicine.

In contrast, the Nobel Laureates of Social Sciences received the highest number of nominations in the ranking.

The ten most important papers in the Social Sciences category were:Szasz, P. et al. (2017), “Synthetic biology: a new approach to the structure of genetic information,” Nature Communications (10.1038/s41598-017-03798-5)Erik Hovig, B. (2018), “Evolutionary genetics and evolutionary theory: A framework for a synthetic biology approach to understanding biological variation,” Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B (B.S.)

(2016), “The evolution of complex life on Earth: from the emergence of life in the mantle to the emergence and diversification of life on earth,” PLoS One (10, e0175358), “Genomic structure of human genomes and their impact on adaptive traits,” Science (2017, p. 17062)Kamil, A. (2010), “Evaluating the influence of the ten most prominent research awards in social sciences: the field of sociology and social psychology,” Journal of Sociology (2016, p, 4)Rhodes, C. (1937), “A Theory of Social Control,” Sociology Review (1938, p p. 611)Szisz, C., Johansson, H. (1965), “Nucleic acids: DNA and RNA,” Nature (1956, p 1185)Eliot, R. M., and J. W. C. Johnson (1955), “On the function of proteins,” Nature, Volume 537, Number 731, March, p 576Rhodesian, L. (1991), “Toxicology: a system of biological theory,” Philosophia Naturalis Principia Mathematica (1954, p 1561)Tibbles, L., Hoviga, E. M. (2013), “Reformulation of the genome: a genetic basis for the evolutionary origin of species,” Science, Vol.

309, pp 567-569, June, p 1851Bodnar, M. L. A., and P. Laughlin (2009), “An overview of the scientific literature on the biological effects of drugs,” Science 348, p 1061Tobiasen, P., et al., (2009) “The impact of drug use on the evolution of human populations,” Science 337, p 765Hovig and Johnson (2017) “Rethinking the evolutionary origins of human life,” Science 352, p 657


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