What it takes to be a global scholar – Harvard

Harvard has been the birthplace of global scholarship for more than 150 years, but now the university is asking students to step up their game.

In a program called Global Scholars, students are encouraged to explore and explore, and learn from, diverse perspectives across a variety of fields.

The goal is to create a “world-class learning environment for our global scholars.”

It will include seminars, seminars, classes and more, according to a news release.

The Global Scholars Program is open to students from any country, but the program is being held in the United States.

Students will be able to explore their academic interests at Harvard, and will be expected to apply their knowledge to their global pursuits.

The program is a part of the Harvard College Global Scholars Initiative, which aims to improve global learning through the use of international collaborations.

Students are invited to apply for scholarships for the program through the Harvard International Scholars Program.