What is the Hudson Global Scholars Program?

Hudson Global Scholar Program – A unique opportunity for young scholars, faculty, staff and students to engage with the Hudson’s rich and richly diverse scholarship community.

A program of the University of New Hampshire.

The Hudson Global Scholarship Program, which was created in 2015 by the University and the Hudson Institute, will bring students together in a new, global, community-driven scholarship experience that provides the opportunity to meet, discuss, learn, and exchange ideas.

Learn more about the Hudson Scholars Program: http://hudshosters.org/news/ What is New Hudson?

Hudson Global scholars are invited to attend the first ever New Hudson Conference in New York City, hosted by New York State’s Governor Andrew Cuomo and Hudson Institute’s executive director, David Parnes.

The event is an opportunity to network and share ideas and perspectives on the future of New York.

Learn More About New Hudson: http/hudscityn.org How can I register for the Hudson Scholar Program?

For more information on the Hudson Program, contact the Hudson Center at 800-733-4444 or e-mail [email protected]

Who can participate?

The Hudson Scholar program will invite faculty and staff from across the Hudson Valley and beyond to participate in the program, which will provide the opportunity for them to: 1) engage with Hudson scholars who are participating in a global initiative and are seeking to learn more about global scholarship in the Hudson; 2) explore Hudson scholars’ experiences in a variety of contexts, including in the New York metropolitan area, the Hudson Bay Area, and the United States; and 3) participate in a wide range of activities.

The program will be open to all Hudson scholars, regardless of discipline.

For more details about the program and to register for a Hudson Scholar, visit the Hudson center’s website at hud.org.

How do I register?

Students may register online or by mail.

All registration fees will be collected in person at the Hudson Centre in New Rochelle, New York, at the end of February 2019.

All participants must present a current photo ID and have an email address.

Students are not permitted to attend Hudson Scholars’ programs without a Hudson Center ID.

Please visit the program’s website to register: http /hudhc.org For more specific questions, please contact the University’s Hudson Center or call 800-713-3388.


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