When Missouri’s presidential leadership scholars select presidential candidates

Young scholars in the United States are expected to nominate presidential candidates for the 2020 Presidential Leadership Scholars Association.

The association, founded in 2016, seeks to promote scholarship in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), history, literature, social sciences and humanities.

This year, the association announced the nominees for the association’s 20th and 21st presidents, with four candidates already confirmed.

The top candidate, a scholar who is a member of the Presidential Leadership Scholarship Program at the University of Missouri, will be chosen in June.

A second-place contender will be announced in June and the final winner will be selected in 2019.

According to the association, the 2020 winner will receive a $10,000 scholarship, along with a $5,000 stipend and $1,500 toward an MA and PhD in science, literature and technology.

The 2018 winners included a scholar named Elizabeth Shuler, a former administrator at the National Science Foundation, who will receive $5.5 million in scholarship and $2.5 for a PhD in STEM.

A third-place candidate will be named in 2019, and the winner will also receive a stipend of $2,500.

The 2020 winner is expected to announce her selection on July 15.

The 2019 winner will have to wait until June to announce the winners.