Ptsd Scholars Program: Scholars in Israel to study at the University of Pittsburgh

Scholars in the Middle East are excited to have a chance to learn at the Institute of Palestinian Studies at the Pennsylvania State University.

The institute was established by the U.S. government in 2006 to encourage scholars from around the world to study in Israel and bring their work back to the United States.

This year’s students will study at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, an institution known for its scholarly research and international outreach.

While the institute focuses on the Middle Eastern context, its focus is on Palestine, as well.

This is the third time the institute has offered students a chance at learning about the country’s history.

Previous students studied in the Umm al-Fahm Institute of History, an Israeli university.

The program’s website states that the goal of the program is to develop students’ skills in the use of modern scholarship tools, to prepare them for a future career in the field of international relations and international studies, and to promote their internationalist and humanitarian values.

“As scholars, we are encouraged to use our knowledge and skills to serve and improve our communities and the wider world,” the institute’s website reads.

It is the fourth consecutive year the institute is offering a scholarship.

Last year, a total of $20,000 was awarded to four students from Israel.

Ptsd is located in the heart of the city, close to the Western Wall, the holiest site for Jews and Muslims and considered the holiest in Judaism.

In 2016, Israel declared the start of its second “Palestinian Year of Solidarity” and the institute was launched.

It offers a unique opportunity for students to study abroad in Israel while taking part in a research project that focuses on Palestinian rights.

The school’s website says that “the Institute of Palestinians Studies is an institution that has contributed significantly to the international debate and debate over the question of Palestine and its future.

The Institute of Palestine Studies will serve as a model for the future, as a place where Palestinian scholars, students, and students from around a region can come to learn from one another and engage in meaningful and effective dialogue on this important topic.”


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