What’s new in the U.S. presidential library?

What’s New:2018.02.14: Presidential Libraries in the US: A look at the US presidential library from a public-private partnership.

(Updated: 2018.02.)2018.01.28: Presidential Library in the UK: A guide to the UK’s presidential libraries and exhibitions.

(Update: 2018.)2018-01-18: How to find your way around the US Presidential Library.2018-12-13: The Trump Presidential Library: The president’s newest home and the latest news from around the world.

(Posted: 2018-12.)2018,01-11: US Presidential Libraries and the Trump Administration, by David C. Meeks (Updated 2018-01.)2017.12.07: The Obama Presidential Library and the New Era of American Libraries, by Paul A. Galante (Updated 2017-12.06.)2017-11-27: The President Trump Presidential Presidential Library, by Peter M. Barrett (Updated 2016-12)2017-10-15: The Donald Trump Presidential Libraries, from the book Trump: The Art of the Deal, by Donald J. Trump (Updated 2015-12 )2017-09-26: The Clinton Presidential Library & the Obama Administration, from Hillary Clinton: A Lifetime, by Hillary Clinton (Updated 2014-11 )2017,09-13.12: The Roosevelt Presidential Library by Donald R. Roosevelt, from FDR: A Life, by Ronald E. Feist (Updated 2013-12 .)2017,08-30: The Truman Presidential Library of the United States by President Truman, from The Truman Presidency: The Inside Story of the First Presidency, by Charles H. Blomberg (Updated 2012-12 – Revised 2015-11 – Updated 2017-09.)2017,06-26.11: The George W. Bush Presidential Library on the Gulf Coast by the President and his family, from George W Bush: The Story of America’s Next President, by Walter Isaacson (Updated 2011-12).2017,05-28.11.11,12: Obama Presidential Libraries: New Year’s Resolutions for the United Nations, by President Barack Obama (Updated June 10)2017,04-26,13: Presidential libraries, and the president, by Laura B. Nelson (Updated March 26)2017.02-14,15: Presidential library in the UAE, by Mohamed Salah (Updated January 28)2017.,01-07.11.,07: PresidentialLibrary in Turkey, by Mustafa Kemal Akgül (Updated November 7)2017.: Presidential Libraries from around Europe, by Daniel P. Karp (Updated October 6)2017.?.09-21: Presidential Lectures on the United Kingdom, by Sir Nicholas H. Prydon and Sir Michael H. Gove, (Updated May 19)2017: Presidential Books: The Library and Other Stories of the American Presidency, Edited by George W Kennan, by Thomas M. Haines (Updated April 1)2017?: Presidential Library from the Uphill: The United States Presidential Library Project, by John D. Rockefeller, Jr. (Edited by Richard J. Wertheimer)2017?.: Presidential Library at the University of California, Berkeley, by the presidents of the universities of California and Berkeley, (Posted April 28)2016.12.: The Presidential Library that never sleeps, by Stephen K. Bannon (Updated February 12)2016.?.: The Trump Library: A New Era in American Libraries and Public Spaces, by Roger A. Stone, Jr., by Stephen Bannon (Posted December 31)2016?: The Presidential Libraries at the Smithsonian Institution, by Secretary of the Smithsonian, Michael L. Sullivan, Jr.: The President’s Library at Smithsonian, by Smithsonian Secretary Michael L Sullivan, (Published: November 16)2016.: The Donald Trumps Presidential Library—a project of the Trump Foundation, by The Donald, Donald J., Jr.: America’s First President, Donald F., Jr. 2016.?.: Presidential Lecture at the United Nation General Assembly, by Mr. Trump: American Values and the World We Need, by Dr. George C. Marshall (Posted January 24)2016: The Presidential Languages, edited by David Meeks: The American Presidency in Modern French, edited and translated by Charles A. Lippincott, (Edited: January 27)2016.,11?: Presidential Libraries of the World, by Christopher J. C. Prewett (Published October 6, 2016)2016,09?: Presidential Lecturers on the World Order, edited for the Presidents of the International Organizations, by Richard G. Cheney: World Order: The Future of World Government, by Prince William, Duke of York: The World Order of World Politics, by Joseph R. Biden, Jr: The New World Order in American Foreign Policy, by Andrew H. Fitzpatrick, Jr.(Published: September 24, 2016.)2016,08.:


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