Which countries have the best universities?

China has been the dominant country for the last 30 years and its academics have been the best of the best in the world, a new global research project by The Chronicle of Higher Education (CHE) has found.

China is the only country with a higher average number of PhD graduates than the US and the UK, the report by the CHE finds.

CHE said its research shows the top 10 most prolific nations in the field are: China, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Australia, the UK and France.

It found that Chinese universities have been leading the way, and the country is expected to become the top academic power in the next 20 years.

China’s universities have produced more PhDs per student than all other countries combined, according to the study, which was published in the prestigious Journal of Higher Learning.

The researchers calculated the number of students per university by taking the number students at the end of each year and dividing by the population of the country.

China, which has around one in every five students, is second only to the US in the number per student, with almost two in every three students.

It is the world’s second-largest economy, with a GDP of $16.8 trillion.

The UK and the US are the world leaders in the proportion of people aged 20-64, with US universities accounting for the majority of their graduates, the CHS said.

But in many other countries, the proportion is closer to 50 per cent.

The CHS study, entitled China: Where the science is and where it’s going, looks at the role of Chinese universities and their research output and uses that to calculate the number and size of PhDs that the country has produced.

The Chinese government has not released any official statistics on the number, size or quality of Chinese PhDs.

It said it would be difficult to say how many Chinese PhD graduates the country currently has.

However, the number is likely to increase in the future, the study said.

“China’s leadership has seen its research capacity grow steadily over the past few decades, from a few dozen Chinese scientists in the late 1980s to over 20,000 in 2012, and today it has more than 20,500 Chinese scientists, researchers and academics,” said the study’s lead author, Chuan Wang, a senior research fellow at CHE.

The US, Japan and South Korea are in the top 20 countries, with China ranked third and fourth, respectively.

The number of people with PhDs has increased by more than 30 per cent in the last decade, the research found.

CHS researchers say the world is now entering an era where China has a significant role to play.

The global economic slowdown is creating the need for Chinese universities to adapt to a global economic transition, and they have responded to that need, Wang said.

The authors suggest China is a leading country in the use of Chinese research as a basis for future economic policy.

They say the Chinese government’s leadership needs to recognise the importance of its own research and development, and to promote and nurture a strong scientific and technological base.

“The most important aspect of the Chinese university system is the research infrastructure, and that is what the government has to look after,” Wang said, adding that the university system has a long history in China.

China has about 100,000 universities, according the government.

The country is also one of the world\’s most technologically advanced countries, ranking ahead of many developed countries, according a 2014 report by The World Bank.

In the report, China was ranked as having the second-best scientific performance globally, behind the US.

The study also found China was home to the most PhD graduates of any country in terms of numbers of PhD students, but only the US, Britain and France had higher average numbers of graduates than China.

CHI’s research is based on data from the Global Change Index, which provides data on the quality of research being conducted in each country.

CHES, a research group based in London, said its findings showed the top five most prolific countries in the country were: China (19.6 per cent), Japan (17.9 per cent) and South Africa (17 per cent).

It found Japan was in first place for the number in every academic year in which it was the leading country, and South Australia was in second place.

It also found South Korea was in the lead for the most recent year of research, and Australia in third.

In terms of quality of PhD results, South Africa had the worst performance of any nation in the study.

South Africa is a key trading partner of China and has been for some time, with trade between the two countries estimated at $12.8 billion in 2016, according an official China University of Political Science and Law (CUPLS) website.


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