Dell, Amazon sue over ‘unfair’ compensation

Dell and Amazon are suing each other over a $600,000 payment they allegedly misappropriated from the other company’s scholar program.

The tech companies allege in their latest lawsuit that Dell improperly received the funds to help the company hire researchers, but Amazon didn’t, and Dell then used the funds for a purchase of a computer.

The lawsuit was filed Thursday in a Los Angeles federal court.

The judge presiding over the case will decide if Dell will be able to keep its money.

The suit is part of a broad effort by the tech companies to regain what they say is a rightful share of the research dollars they used to purchase their computer systems.

The companies also have sought to recover some of the money they spent on research projects and equipment, which they say was misappropriation.

The attorneys for Dell and the tech firms say that the payments were improper because they did not represent Dell’s contribution to the program.

Dell says that in 2010 it used the $600 million to purchase equipment for its Dell LabWorks program and that it did not spend any of it on research.

The program is designed to train people in various aspects of software development and development processes.

The plaintiffs argue that Dell’s use of the funds is an abuse of the program’s funding.

Dell’s attorney, Michael Gartner, said the company is “committed to ensuring that its research funds are used for the best interests of the organization and the students.”

Amazon’s attorney for the program, Michael Weil, said that the company was “compelled to make the necessary investments” in the program and “is committed to helping to ensure that students can be able access the skills and resources they need to thrive in a highly competitive global economy.”

The lawsuit says that Dell and Dell Lab Works had not received their fair share of research funds over the years.

Dell received the program funds in 2008 and 2009, and Amazon received them in 2011.

Amazon has a much smaller program, which provides software developers with training and technical support.

The company is trying to recover the money it spent on the Dell Labworks program and the Amazon Cloud.

Dell said in a statement that it “fully cooperated” with the lawsuits and is “reviewing our options.”


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