‘Grieving and grieving’ for her ex-husband’s death in California, widow says: ‘He had a way of making people cry’

LAS VEGAS — A Nevada woman who married her ex’s killer said her ex is “still the same person” after his death.

In the weeks since her husband, Christopher “Chris” Leach, was shot and killed by a San Diego police officer, Susan Baca has been in mourning for him, and she has been joined by other women who have lost husbands or partners.

“I’m still the same Chris,” Baca said.

“He had an incredible way of raising us.”

He was a very loving husband, and I would never want him to die, Baca, who is not identified by her family, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal on Tuesday.

“He was like a big brother to me, a great father, a good friend, a loving husband,” she said.

Baca said she had never heard of a case where a spouse had been killed by another husband.

She said the case has been “fraught with grief” and that the husband is now dead.

“It’s heartbreaking to hear about another man’s death,” she told the paper.

“It’s a sad, sad thing.”

Chris Leach was an avid hunter who once said he was “obsessed” with hunting and was “a bit of a brawler” when it came to his hunting partners.

The retired accountant spent more than 20 years with the police department and was known for his “sadistic, unprovoked” behavior.

He had been fired after a shooting incident that left one man with serious injuries.

Police had found an expired gun in his apartment and said Leach had been carrying it for a week.

The gun had not been registered.

A witness, John Hester, was with Leach when he was shot, and Leach told investigators that Hester pointed a loaded .45-caliber handgun at him, according to a police report.

Hester’s body was found the next day.

Bacos ex-wife, Barbara Leach-Roe, said she has since found out that Leach “didn’t kill anybody, but he killed his wife.”

“He didn’t kill my husband, but I do feel he did,” she added.

“I have lost my faith in humanity.”

Baca, now 43, has two children and is working as a teacher.

She was previously married to an Army veteran and had two young sons.

She said her former husband “had a way for making people sad,” and he made me cry every day.


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