Why some people don’t believe in God

The Irish Examiner has revealed that a few religious scholars believe in a higher power, and not a benevolent creator.

The debate surrounding the existence of God in Ireland was brought to the fore in recent years by the publication of The Book of Job by Martin McGuinness and his wife, Cathriona.

The book claims that God is a fictional creation, but that some Irish people believe that He is actually real.

In the early days of Christianity, there was a growing belief that the God of the Old Testament was a fictional entity that existed but did not really exist.

The Irish Times has written that in the mid-1990s, a group of scholars, including Patrick Murphy, the former head of the Trinity College, Dublin, and his friend Michael McManus, came to believe in the existence and nature of a higher being.

Mr Murphy was among those who said he was a Christian.

His book, The Trinity: An Essay in Relativity, is based on a theory of how the Bible describes God and Jesus Christ as two separate, but related, people.

Mr McManUS, a Christian theologian and the founder of the Ulster Centre for Religious Studies, said in a press conference in Dublin on Tuesday that he believed the belief in God could be explained in the Bible as an expression of faith.

The belief that God exists in the form of a being that is independent, that is, a real being, he said.

It is possible, he continued, that we can explain this in a number of ways.

But it is not an exclusive belief, and it is a belief that we cannot deny. 

The idea that God could have a different, more spiritual form, Mr McManuss said, was a very strong and strong belief, not only in the West, but in the East, and in South America. 

He added that he felt the belief was a form of faith that needed to be accepted.

But others were sceptical.

A spokesperson for Trinity College said in response to The Irish Mail on Sunday’s inquiry: The statement we have issued to the media on this topic is based solely on information provided to us by the individual involved. 

 The College will be making a further statement to the Irish Times shortly. 


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