Former NFL players have ‘lost their minds’ over the NFL’s concussion policy

LAS VEGAS — Former NFL stars have lost their minds over the league’s concussion rule changes, with former San Francisco 49ers safety Eric Reid tweeting that the new policy “is going to ruin our careers.”

In a tweet Tuesday, Reid wrote that he’s been “getting texts from my teammates saying, ‘You better get a concussion,'” and he posted a screenshot of an email he received from former 49ers teammate Eric Reid, who was suspended by the league last week for two games for his role in the 2011 concussion controversy.

Reid wrote in the email that he hopes the NFL “gets it.”

“If the NFL doesn’t get it, the future of our careers will be in serious jeopardy,” Reid wrote.

“I know what it is to be an American athlete, and it’s heartbreaking that I’ve had to endure that kind of adversity.”

The NFL said Tuesday that Reid’s suspension was based on a “misguided attempt” to protect his own reputation.

“It is a mistake to believe that a concussion is a disease, and to equate it to a career-ending injury,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said.

“The NFL has a robust concussion program that we work closely with players, coaches and medical professionals to protect their health and safety.”NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell issued a statement after the suspension was announced, saying the league has the highest concussion rates in the world, and that the rule changes will “make it harder for athletes to compete in the NFL.”

“While we cannot say how long this suspension will last, we believe it is important to recognize the severity of this issue and its devastating effects on the health and well-being of our players,” Goodell said.

The NFL, which has been trying to convince more players to wear helmets and other protective gear to reduce concussions, said that it will not appeal the suspensions.


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