Evanston Scholars’ ‘I’m a Professor’ campaign raises more than $7M for Evanston Institute

A grassroots campaign has raised more than 7 million dollars in a year for the Evanston scholars academy.

The campaign, titled Evanston Scholar: I’m a professor, launched in September.

It’s part of a growing movement among academics to say they are not only “professors” but “professorial equals.”

The goal is to raise awareness about academic pay and the disparity between the salaries of faculty and their students.

“There’s a perception that academics are being paid much less than their students,” said Aaron Smith, a professor at Northwestern University who founded the campaign.

“That’s not true.

The salaries of the academics we’re talking about are much higher than what students are making.”

The campaign was started by Smith and fellow Northwestern faculty members to raise money for the school’s new Center for the Study of Women in the Arts, an institute to explore gender in art and film.

Smith said he was struck by the campaign when he first started it.

It seemed so simple and clear to him.

He started to ask himself if it could be possible for Evanisk scholars to raise this much money in a short amount of time.

Smith said the campaign has been successful and has been featured on the popular website Vox, where it has garnered more than 4,000 signatures.

“It’s a very small group of people who want to make a difference,” Smith said.

“This is just one small group in a lot of ways.”

Smith said there are plenty of people out there who would like to see Evanisk students paid better, but the campaign is just getting started.

“We are trying to do something bigger than just raise money,” he said.

Smith has been involved with the campaign since he and his colleagues first started raising money.

When he first launched the campaign, the goal was to raise $50,000 to cover the cost of the institute’s opening and get a new faculty chair.

Smith is now raising more than 6 million dollars for the institute.

He said the money will help pay for more faculty hires, hire a new chair, and hire a consultant to help with research and communications.

After that, he said, the campaign will move to fund research in fields that the school is actively pursuing.

Smith also said he thinks the campaign could make a real difference in the academic community.

“I think we could really change the world,” he told NPR.

Smith hopes to see the campaign’s success continue and expand to other institutions.

He said the school will use the money it raises to hire more staff and to expand its programs, like the center for women in art.

We have a lot more work to do.

But if we can make this happen, that’s really what we’re trying to accomplish,” Smith told NPR in an interview.”

The more money we raise, the more we can help the scholars.

But that’s not all.


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