What the heck are these little scholars preschool? – Science & Technology News

A group of Canadian researchers have created an interactive online tool to help teachers learn about the new field of “little scholars”.

The tool, called Little Scholars, was created by researchers at the Centre for the Study of Young Children at the University of Toronto and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) as part of their work on “interactive learning”.

Little Scholars allows parents to customize the learning experience for their children.

For example, if their child is having a hard time getting their attention, the teacher can ask the child for a few phrases, and they can also be asked questions like “how do you think your child will feel about this?” and “how will the book feel to you?”

This interactive tool allows teachers to see the progress of their children’s learning using a simple and interactive interface.

“It was really an opportunity to try to engage a young child in the world, to see what was going on in their minds and their bodies, so to speak, and to be able to engage in conversation with them and see what they were doing in the classroom,” said Dr. Christine Sattler, a professor of child development and learning at the CIHR.

“What we’ve found so far is that it really helps children engage in their learning, and it helps them understand what they’re learning.”

Little Scholars, which was created as part a project by CIHR, was designed to be an interactive learning tool for teachers who want to get involved with the development of young children.

It also allows parents the opportunity to share their personal experiences with their children using an interactive timeline.

For teachers, learning is just part of a larger picture.

Little Scholars provides teachers with tools for communicating about and engaging their children, as well as providing resources for the children themselves.

“There are a lot of really valuable tools in our toolkit that are really useful, but it’s not just the tools that teachers are using, it’s the whole environment in which they’re working, and we really need that as well,” Sattlers said.

It’s really about having a very healthy and supportive environment where you have a sense of purpose, where your child is comfortable and safe, and where you are getting to know them as adults, and you have the capacity to do that work in the way that is best for them.”


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