How to deal with an uneducated, unsophisticated white woman in Chicago

A white woman who is “uneducated, uneducated” and “unsophisticate” is “going to go to jail,” according to a Chicago University law professor.

An uneducated white woman?

“She’s going to get arrested,” said University of Chicago professor Jennifer Lynch, a prominent black feminist.

“I’m not saying that she shouldn’t go to prison, but it’s not a good thing for her to go in jail, because the people who are arresting her are not going to know what the law is.”

Lynch, who is black, is part of a group of scholars from the University of Illinois Law School, Chicago Public Schools, and Chicago police departments who recently published a paper calling for the arrest of a white woman accused of assault.

Lynch said that a white person who “would not have been arrested for an assault” could face “serious consequences” for not reporting the assault, including jail time.

She also warned that police officers should not arrest people based on their race.

“The question is: ‘Is this a racist, biased police officer?'”

Lynch said.

“The answer is: Probably not.”

Lynch and her colleagues wrote the paper to counter claims that police in Chicago “can’t do their job because of a race problem.”

Police have reported at least eight cases of “unlawful conduct” against white people in the past year.

Chicago police have “received reports of a growing number of assaults of white men and women,” the Chicago Tribune reported, citing the department’s “Chicago Police Newsroom.”

The Chicago Tribune, which has a long history of bias against black people, said the Tribune’s investigation found that “there are at least 11 cases of assaults on white men since January of this year, in which a white officer was the victim of an assault.”

Chicago police are under increasing scrutiny, particularly after a white man in August was shot and killed by a police officer in the city’s Englewood neighborhood.

Lyncher’s paper cites several recent cases in which officers have used force against people they suspected of being white.

The latest case in question is a case in which two Chicago police officers confronted a white driver who was speeding on I-294, a major north-south highway in the Chicago suburb of Engleburne.

The driver told officers he was going about 20 mph when he was pulled over by a man and his girlfriend.

The officers were following a description of the car, the paper said.

The police officer called for backup, and a white police car arrived.

A Chicago officer who is white and a black man were “trying to talk to the driver to understand why he was driving at such a high rate of speed, when the passenger, a black male, accelerated away at high speed,” the paper stated.

The white officer, who was wearing a helmet, then began shouting to the passenger: “Get out of the vehicle!

Get out of here!”

The man complied.

The officer pulled out his stun gun and fired, striking the passenger in the abdomen.

The woman, who appeared to be a passenger, was arrested, but she has not been charged.

Lyncy called the incident “a racist, unfair use of force.”

She said that white officers have “tried to push and shove” black people in Chicago.

“I’ve been to Chicago many times, and I have witnessed a lot of people get pushed and shoved,” Lynch said, according to the Chicago News.

“When people are pushed and pushed and shove, that is what’s called a physical threat.”

Chicago is a predominantly black city, but Lynch said that there have been no cases of white police using force against black suspects.

“If they were going to do that, they would have to do it against an unarmed black person,” she said.

Lynk said that she would like to see police departments in Chicago begin to train their officers.

“They are not trained to do their jobs,” she added.

“It’s time to train the people in these departments.”


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