Apple says it will offer capstone scholars at MIT

TechCrunch, April 27, 2020 12:00:00 Apple is offering capstone researchers at MIT a place in its ranks, the company announced on Monday.

Capstone scholars will be offered the opportunity to study a new or expanded area of interest as part of the company’s “capstone” program.

Apple says the capstone program will focus on “developing the best software in the world, the greatest hardware and the most advanced computer hardware, to ensure that our customers will have the best products and experiences in the future.”

Apple has also announced plans to hire thousands of Capstone Scholars over the next few years.

Capstones, or a Capstone Scholar as they are known by the Apple Watch, are a program that has existed at some universities for years.

Apple is one of the only tech companies that has a capstone scholar program.

The Apple Watch is one step closer to becoming a capitol for the company that will be able to offer a more rigorous set of qualifications and help Apple make sure it’s always in the forefront.

The capstone students will be eligible to take courses that focus on a wide range of topics.

One of the most common areas that Capstone students are interested in is artificial intelligence, the tech that has helped Apple become a powerhouse in artificial intelligence research.

CapStone students will also be able take courses on robotics, computing, cybersecurity, and more.

Apple has previously offered capstone programs at Harvard, the University of Southern California, and the University, of Pennsylvania.

In its announcement, Apple said Capstone studies will start next year and will expand to other universities and industries.

Apple did not mention when the Capstone program would be available, but Apple Watch has become the company in the past few years to offer capstones for many different industries.

CapStakers will also become available for Apple Watch customers as well.