Why Stephen Hawking’s Nobel Prize is so important for science: Pew

Researchers at the Pew Research Center found that nearly half of U.S. adults (47%) say the Nobel Prize for Physics is a big deal.

The news was announced Monday by the Nobel committee, which will award the prize next month.

The study, conducted in 2018 and 2019, found that 58% of adults say they think the award will help scientists and engineers, and that 54% think it will help them advance their careers.

A total of 45% of those polled think the prize will benefit the arts, and just 18% say it will.

It’s the first time Pew has polled its members on the issue.

But the news comes at a crucial time for the field, with many leading researchers calling for more funding for research and funding for new fields.

In June, the National Science Foundation (NSF) cut $2.2 million from the NSF’s budget to help fund the $400 million Center for the Study of Human and Machine Cognition (CHM), a program that supports new discoveries in cognitive science and neuroscience.

The NSF has said that the cut was necessary to balance the need for more money to support research and new fields that don’t have access to the funds.

The Trump administration has proposed eliminating the NSFW grant program altogether.

In September, a Senate committee called on the NSFF to “make substantial and timely” cuts to the grant program, which is part of the NSSP program.

The NIH also has a $3 billion research grant program that awards about $7 billion annually.

“Research and the advancement of science and technology are essential to the health and prosperity of our society and our economy,” Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) said in a statement.

“I support the NSFLS [National Science Foundation] and the NIH’s research priorities to further these vital programs.”


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