Which college should be a Summer Scholar Program?

By Jennifer Leinster “Summer Scholars” is a program that encourages students to attend a university for one or two semesters in the fall and spring semesters, after their freshman year.

The goal is to give students an opportunity to continue their education while providing them with financial aid and internships.

However, a recent analysis by the National Association of College & Graduate Programs, Inc. has found that this approach has had an unfortunate side effect: students are leaving college less prepared to handle the rigors of the job market. 

“This has been a big problem with Summer Scholars programs for a long time,” says Dr. David W. Smith, chair of the Department of Economics at New York University and a co-author of the report. 

What are Summer Scholars? 

In general, a Summer Scholars program focuses on students who are planning to enter the workforce in the spring or summer. 

Students may choose to complete a Summer Semester or Summer Session, which typically consists of one or more of two semester options, according to the National Center for Summer Scholars. 

During each Summer Semesters, students complete an internship and/or study abroad program at a university. 

The students spend their summer at the university, participating in courses in a variety of subject areas, including economics, finance, politics, psychology, history, public administration, and sociology. 

Each student receives a stipend of $1,600 during their first year, and then receives a $2,200 stipend each year during their sophomore and junior years. 

Some students also receive scholarships. 

However, in recent years, the number of students applying for Summer Semests has dwindled, according the National Conference of State Legislatures. 

To fill this void, Summer Scholars have begun to expand their programs. 

In 2018, the National Institute of Education launched the Summer Scholars Program, which provides an internship for one semester. 

While the program offers an opportunity for students to stay in school for one semester, it also provides financial aid to students who need financial aid. 

At least 15,000 Summer Scholars in the U.S. apply each year. 

This year, the Summer Scholar program expanded to include a second semester, allowing students to continue studying for the summer.

The new program will expand to include both a first and second semester.