The ‘smartest’ students at Oxford are smarter than the smartest people at Harvard, says Harvard professor

Young scholars at Oxford have made an extraordinary breakthrough, according to a professor at the University of Oxford.

Dr David Rhodes, who runs the Oxford Centre for Global Health, told the BBC’s World at One programme that the brightest young people at Oxford were among the smartest at the world’s leading universities.

“They are the smartest and most capable students at the most prestigious institutions in the world,” he said.

“What I would say is that they are smarter, they are more intelligent, they have an ability to make sense of complex situations.”

I would say, by the way, they’re very, very, smart.

“Dr Rhodes said there was a huge opportunity for young people to get into research.”

The way you do that is through the university, through the teaching and through your academic studies,” he explained.”

You can make a difference, you can make the world a better place.

“If you do it by taking a course, you’re not just going to get a degree, you’ll get an education.”

Dr David Roberts, who is at the Harvard School of Public Health, said he thought the brightest students at Harvard were “smartest and most talented students in the whole of Harvard” and he wanted to see them succeed at Oxford.

“There are a lot of things that we are still working on, but it’s a really exciting time, particularly at Oxford,” he told World at one.

“It’s not about how many points you score on a test, but the way that you can create an impact on people’s lives.”

Oxford is a world-class university with a lot to offer, but we are very fortunate that our brightest students are also the brightest and most productive students in Harvard.

“We’re really lucky to have them at Oxford, and we’re very excited to have those students at us in the future.”

Dr Roberts said the university was a “unique place” and that students were the “heart and soul of what the university is about”.

“It is a place where a lot is happening, but people are very driven and passionate about what they do,” he added.

“A lot of young people who are coming into Oxford are looking at this as a way of life, but they don’t have the resources and the knowledge, so they are very keen to be part of something big and important.”

Dr Richard Jones, who teaches at the Faculty of Health Sciences, said Oxford was the best place to be young in a number of areas.

“When you get older you become very, really confident, you get the confidence to make more of a difference and do the right thing,” he revealed.

“At Oxford you have that very strong sense of self, you feel that you’re going to have a lot more of your own opinions.”

And at Oxford you’re actually very likely to be doing something you’re passionate about, you know, in terms of your work, or you’re really passionate about something that is going to change the world, because you’re a part of the Oxford community.

“Dr Jones said it was “hugely exciting” to see the success of the research programme.”

With the kind of research that we’re doing in the clinic, the way we are able to make the connections with patients and to the healthcare system, there’s a lot that we can do and I think that’s exciting,” he continued.”

But it’s not just about doing great research, it’s about doing really, really good work.