What do young scholars have to say about Donald Trump?

Young scholars, like Jefferson scholars who often have access to the President, are increasingly questioning whether or not Trump is qualified to be president.

Trump has been criticized for a lack of foreign policy experience and for not fully committing to the internationalism that he has advocated for.

The president has also been criticized by some scholars for not making strong ties to other nations and for a tendency to push the United States toward isolationism and isolationist policies.

“The young scholars are really seeing Trump as a threat,” said David Frum, a professor at Harvard University.

“They’re seeing him as a demagogue, and they’re seeing a willingness to make concessions that he is not willing to make.”

Frum told Fox News that he believes Trump is being unfairly treated by some in the academy.

“Some of the young scholars who I talk to think that he’s doing an unfair job,” Frum said.

“I think some of the things that he says are offensive to some of their colleagues.

They don’t understand the value of the university and they don’t get it, they say.”

“The problem for young scholars is that he seems to be more than willing to take a pass on certain issues, like the border wall and the Iran deal, when he should be taking a pass for his own personal values,” he said.

The professor told Fox that he doesn’t believe Trump has done enough to bring back American jobs.

“He has to do more than just get out of the way of what’s happening, but he needs to do something, a lot of the problems he’s had are because of his own choices,” Frubums said.

A new group of scholars is calling for an end to the “polarizing” climate at the university.

They are calling for a new climate for student engagement and for students to have the ability to voice their views and opinions on campus.